Is Qavah free?

It is free to create an account on Qavah, but if you want to take full advantage of the Israelite courting platform, we recommend selecting a subscription for premium features on Qavah. A level of premium features is available in each plan according to your budget and goal. These unique tools are made available after purchasing and subscribing to Qavah. If you want to experience the enhanced features of Israelite courting, Qavah Gold, Qavah Plus, and Qavah Platinum supply you with various tools to aid you in your search.


What is the minimum age for registration?

The minimum age to register at Qavah is 18 years old. You would not be able to sign up at Qavah if you do not meet the requirement of minimum age.


Age-restriction on Qavah

The minimum age for registering with Qavah is 18 years old. If you are not 18 years old, you will not be able to sign up until you have reached this requirement. If you got your age wrong while submitting your information, and if you are, in fact, above 18, you can change the data from your profile settings.


Can I retrieve my last “Kan” and “Lo”?

Only Qavah subscribers can retrieve their last Kan and Lo. To use this feature, you have to subscribe to the premium features like Qavah Plus, Qavah Gold, and Qavah Platinum.


What is the next step after finding the match?

After both individuals like, accept, and share contact details, they are ready to step into the next phase of courting each other and getting to know each other more thoroughly.


Can I use Qavah while I am traveling?

Suppose you are visiting some other city or traveling across the US. In that case, Qavah can easily adjust to your current location and identify different Israelites nearby that match your convictions and beliefs.


Why do I need to do photo verification?

Yes, Israelites, we can have an imposter among us. To avoid being catfished, we undergo photo verification to get proof of your identity and that you are the person in your pictures.


What does a gold star on a profile means?

When your identity and profile are verified, you get a gold start which indicates you met all the requirements and standards of Qavah and that your profile is wholly authentic.


Why do I need to verify my phone number?

You will be asked to add your phone number during the registration process. After that, you will be asked to verify your phone number either by message or by calling. If you want to add a new number and confirm it, you can do that directly from your account settings.

We need to verify your phone number to proceed with the registration process and make your profile authentic.


What happens if my account stays inactive for a long time?

If you have not used your Qavah profile in a long time, like two years, we will have to delete your account based on inactivity.

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Qavah accounts cannot have multiple owners, so don’t create an account with your friend or significant other. Additionally, please don’t maintain multiple Qavah accounts.


Third-Party Apps

The use of any apps created by anyone other than Qavah that claim to offer our service or unlock special Qavah features (like auto-swipers) is not allowed.


Account Dormancy

If you don’t log in to your Qavah account in 2 years, we may delete your account for inactivity.

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