Qavah Live

Coming Soon!

What is Qavah Live? is an Israelite united platform with an express intent to open our lines of communication. That being said, to ensure that remains a safe and effective way for Israelites to unite, we are commissioning "Qavah Live." This live feed will be a moderated open discussion that will allow for honest feedback that Israelite singles encounter on their journey to meet their suitable spouse. While we won't allow personal attacks, we can constructively discuss current issues that divide us that Israelites face "All In Love" on a safe and secure platform.

We intend to post the weekly schedule and agenda topics for our live discussions on our events page. Qavah Live will also facilitate a way to take suggestions for current events topics that call for us to apply our faith and belief structure to allow Israelites to navigate our current climate.

We look forward to our Qavah family discussions and hope to see you all there.