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Shalom Family!

Introducing Qavah.us: The Ultimate Courtship-Based Matchmaking App for Torah-Observant Israelites

Are you a member of the Israelite faith community seeking a meaningful and faith-centered relationship? Look no further than Qavah.us, the non-secular matchmaking website application designed exclusively for Torah-keeping individuals. With all the premium features you love from popular dating apps, Qavah.us takes it a step further by providing a platform that prioritizes courtship and offers a solid foundation for finding like-minded soulmates.

At Qavah.us, we understand the importance of shared values, beliefs, and lifestyle choices in building a strong and lasting relationship. That's why our app focuses on connecting individuals who are committed to the principles of the Torah and are seeking a partner who shares their devotion. Say goodbye to endless swiping and superficial connections—Qavah.us provides a space where you can find a genuine connection based on your faith and values.

With Qavah.us, you'll enjoy a range of premium features designed to enhance your matchmaking experience. Our advanced algorithm takes into account your unique preferences, interests, and religious practices to suggest compatible profiles. You can browse through detailed profiles, view photos, and learn more about potential matches before initiating a conversation.

In addition, Qavah.us offers various communication tools that facilitate meaningful interactions. From private messaging and video calls to group discussions and forums, you'll have ample opportunities to connect and engage with other Torah-observant individuals who are seeking a relationship grounded in faith.

Qavah.us is committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all users. We have strict guidelines in place to maintain the integrity of our community, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and respected while using our platform. Our dedicated customer support team is also available to address any concerns or inquiries you may have.

Whether you're seeking friendship, courtship, or a life partner, Qavah.us is your go-to platform for connecting with like-minded individuals within the Israelite faith community. Join us today and embark on a journey to find a soulmate who shares your passion for Torah, spirituality, and a fulfilling relationship based on faith. Qavah.us—where courtship meets devotion.

Our Philosophy

Qavah doesn't tell you what to believe, but it does help you find people in the Israelite community in the United States who share your core views and values. If you're ready to find someone with similar interests, Qavah wants to help you find someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life. However, you must still "test all spirits" as Qavah is only a starting point.

Although joining is free, please consider subscribing with Qavah and divesting in those carnal sites. Your subscriptions help us to target our advertising and grow your selection audience. If you are serious about your search, put All your trust in TMH and realize the true meaning behind Qavah as a tool to aid your search.

How It Works

The Israelite owner of the Qavah.us site knows that every individual has developed his/her own conviction and belief structure. This website aims to have a filter for all primary Israelite ideas, core values, and doctrines that sometimes divide us and derail our search. Qavah.us hopes to narrow your selection process to Israelites that follow sound biblical principles. The team here at Qavah would advise you to fast and pray, as well as test ALL spirits. Qavah only helps to identify worthy candidates based on your Israelite preferences selected during your registration ; If you are not getting good matches you can try adjusting your settings to dial in your perfect matches that aline with your beliefs.

Steps for starting your Qavah courtship

1. Create your match-making profile

It is crucial to complete all the steps while completing a profile, as this is what brings the value to the Israelite courting site and sets Qavah apart from those other carnal sites. Our diverse audience includes identifying metatags such as Hebrews, Eber, Moors, Israelites, and others within the African Diaspora that call on TMH as their Elohim. Only those individuals in the network of Israelite communities that Qavah has chosen as potential matches can see your profile. Otherwise, the privacy policy is always in effect.

Our questions during the registration aren't designed to offend rather, they are meant to be inclusive of the entire Israelite family. These questions identify the doctrines that drive wedges between the scattered members of the Israelite family. They must also be named so that you can screen out any doctrine you don't adhere to. So you will have to be open and honest when providing essential information about your beliefs and values to take full advantage of our filters and algorithms. Honesty makes it possible to get a well-compatible match for your selection.

2.Now you can select matchmakers

If you have opted to be a subscriber, you can take full advantage of the arsenal of tools that aid in breaking the ice. These tools include flirts called "fancys" love notes , who's viewed me, audio and video chats, and much more.

Once you are a subscriber you can send and accept matches

On the  "seeking page" with proper use of our filters, you don't have to waste a lot of effort, money, and time on useless candidates that don't share your same beliefs. Filters allow you to narrow your search to those who share your same values.

Our site aimed at the African Diaspora Israelite community will search for matches and send you suggestions based on the filter preferences you have provided Qavah from your completed profile. If you like the candidate, you can save the match, or if not, then decline.

Start courting

When both individuals like, accept and share contact details, you are good to step into the next phase of the process, courting each other and getting to know each other more thoroughly. We suggest that you fast and pray as you set a date to meet each other.

Through the Qavah.us site, you can search, send and select matches, therefore creating an efficient and straightforward dating or courting experience.

Please consider supporting Qavah.us by subscribing!

All  communities are included for our marketing to build up our community within the USA so our users will get the most bang for the buck when seeking and selecting a partner for marriage. So don't wait; post your profile with us today! The one you seek is looking for you also.