About Us

Shalom Family!

Welcome to Qavah.us, your dedicated platform for courtship-centered matchmaking amongst Torah-Observant Israelites.

Seeking a faith-anchored relationship within our vibrant Israelite community? Qavah.us is a unique platform, designed specifically for Torah-faithful individuals, combining features of top-tier dating apps while emphasizing courtship and unity with like-minded souls.

Whether you're in pursuit of friendship, courtship, or a life-long partner, Qavah.us is your trusted platform for connecting with kindred spirits within the Israelite community. Join us today on a journey towards a soulmate who echoes your passion for Torah, spirituality, and a relationship rooted in faith. Welcome to Qavah.us - a union of courtship and devotion.

At Qavah.us, we recognize the key role shared values, beliefs, and lifestyle choices play in forming durable relationships. Our platform is curated to connect individuals who embody Torah principles and are seeking a partner of equal devotion. We offer a refreshing departure from hollow swipes and superficial bonds - here you'll discover genuine connections based on faith and shared values.

Qavah.us incorporates a selection of high-quality features to enhance your matchmaking journey. Utilizing our sophisticated algorithm, we consider your specific preferences, interests, and religious observance to recommend compatible profiles. Explore detailed profiles, view images, and gain insight into potential matches before engaging in conversation.

Additionally, Qavah.us equips you with communication tools that encourage profound interaction. Engage with other Torah-committed individuals via private messaging, video calls, group discussions, and forums, all designed to promote relationships built on faith.

Our commitment at Qavah.us extends to ensuring a secure and respectful environment for all users. Strict guidelines and our dedicated customer support team work in unison to uphold the integrity of our community, allowing everyone to feel respected and comfortable on our platform.


Our Core Beliefs

Qavah does not dictate your beliefs but aids in connecting you with like-minded individuals in the US Israelite community, who resonate with your essential views and values. As you embark on the journey of finding a life partner, remember to "test all spirits." While Qavah provides the platform, the journey is your own.

Although access is free, we encourage you to subscribe to Qavah, thus aiding us to better target advertising and expand your potential match pool. As you put your trust in TMH, embrace Qavah as an essential tool in your quest for connection.


Our Method

Qavah.us, owned and operated by an Israelite, understands the unique convictions and belief structures within our community. Our platform incorporates filters capturing the various Israelite perspectives, doctrines, and core values. Qavah aims to simplify your search, aligning you with individuals adhering to sound biblical principles. Remember to pray, fast, and test all spirits. Qavah merely identifies potential matches based on preferences declared during registration.

Starting Your Qavah Courtship Journey


Develop your Profile

Profile completion is vital, as it sets Qavah apart from other platforms and adds value to the Israelite courting experience. Our audience comprises diverse tags like Hebrews, Eber, Moors, Israelites, and others within the African Diaspora. Rest assured, your profile visibility is restricted to potential matches within the Israelite communities.

Our registration questions are designed to encompass the entire Israelite family. Your honesty in providing crucial information about your beliefs and values helps our algorithms find you a compatible match.

Choose your Matchmakers

Subscribers enjoy full access to our suite of ice-breaking tools including "fancys,"

love notes, viewer listings, audio and video chats, and more.

As a subscriber, you are empowered to send and accept matches.

Using our "seeking page" and filters, your search narrows down to potential partners who mirror your values.

Qavah, dedicated to the African Diaspora Israelite community, matches you with candidates based on your profile. Accept or decline as per your preference.


Begin your Courtship

When both parties express mutual interest, you move into the courtship phase, deepening your understanding of each other. We advise fasting and prayer as you schedule a meeting.

With Qavah.us, your search, selection, and dating experience becomes efficient and focused.


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