A Returning To The Ancient Path

The Great Awakening

On the Qavah platform, we provide a platform exclusively designed for Israelites seeking to return to the "ancient path", by merging modern technology with our rich values and convictions. Here, our Divine Connection Consultant offers personalized matchmaking services anchored in our shared faith. Dive into a vibrant community, connect with potential matches, and navigate your journey under the guidance of biblical wisdom. Your path to a spiritually fulfilling companionship starts here. Welcome to a space where love meets faith.


3 Basic Enrollment Steps

Step 1

Begin your courtship by completing the basic profile information.


Step 2

Next, you'll fill out the required "more about me" information for the website registration.


Step 3

Using the Qavah filters, you can now engage like-minded Israelites looking for courtship.

5 Miles

5min 5min

80 Miles

5min 5min

12 Miles

5min 5min

7 Miles

5min 5min

144 Miles

5min 5min

Audio/Video/Instant Message Features

Once matched, a video icon appears on your chat. Agree to terms to activate Qavah's Beloved Page for audio/video/IM features. Your match can join instantly or decline. Enable notifications for Beloved Page invites.

Discrete Mode

Discrete Mode on Qavah is a unique tool that enables your profile to be visible only to those you've interacted with. When you're in Discrete Mode, indicators such as 'Visible to them' or 'Invisible to them' will appear on others' profiles. You have control to adjust your visibility for each member, choosing between 'reveal' or 'conceal and restrict'.

Spotlight Me

The "Spotlight Me" page on Qavah is crafted to assist you in effortlessly discovering your most compatible matches. It operates similarly to how the website previously showcased Top Picks (also known as "Free Picks") in your Discovery feed.

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